Meet Book Author Metty Pellicer

Metty Pellicer aka Metty Vargas Pellicer, Fiameta Vargas, Fiameta Pellicer is a grandmother, mother, woman, and doctor. Born in the Philippines in 1942, she immigrated to the U.S. In 1967. She was married to John Pellicer for 35 years until his death from a coronary occlusion in 2004 at age 58. English is a second language. She speaks two of the 99 Filipino dialects, Tagalog and Bicol and is gaining proficiency in Spanish. She loves to travel and has compiled her adventures in a book, Hello, From Somewhere: Stories of the Roads I Traveled, published in January, 2015. Her second book, From Miman, With Love: A Grandmother’s Memoir, started in 1999, was published in October, 2015. For her next book, she is writing a historical fiction, a novel, Imperfect Pearl, set in 19th century Philippines. She lives in Atlanta with Scarlett, her 27-year-old cockatiel who asks anyone who whistles to her, “Did you fart?”.